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About Us
About Empire Orthotics

We are an orthotic and prosthetic lab servicing podiatrist all over our nation. We are proud of our high quality items and excellent customer service as well as competitive prices. We would love the opportunity to add your practice to our long list of satisfied clients.

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Providing you with High End, High Quality, Durable Custom Orthotics for Less!!!

Quality & Durability

We are proud of our high quality, high end custom orthotics and prosthetic. Our items are made with high quality component with out most attention to details. 


We make CFO (Custom Foot Orthotics)  as well as other items such as AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics), Crow Boots and ARIZONA.


our custom made orthotics are as low as $45 a pair with most common modifications included into this price. all our other items are priced at very reasonable range to save our clients money with out sacrificing quality and comfort.